Effective Internet and Social Media Marketing for SME's


We help SME's to use the Internet as an auditable and measurable business development tool. Nick Draycott Director, Alchemy-Online

We show, teach and coach SMEs how to attract and select more profitable clients and customers to grow their businesses.
We work in synergy with your business, to understand your needs and objectives and provide effective marketing strategies and online systems that continue to work and evolve as your business grows profitably.
We understand the issue of small and medium sized businesses and speak in business terms rather than confusing technical jargon. Kevin Butler Director, Alchemy-OnlineVideo-Marketing

One of the more difficult issues SME's face is how to find practical and cost effective ways to use the rapidly evolving online technologies. Social Media, Mobile Internet, Reputation Management are just some of the areas where many SME's struggle to have time to investigate and understand their implications.

These are areas where Alchemy Online can help you by providing sensible realistic strategies on how to engage with these new routes to communication with your prospects, your clients and customers to ensure that you are not left behind and that you use these technologies effectively to advance your business.

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