Reputation Management

If you are not actively managing your Brand or Company Reputation on the Internet and on Social Media Platforms (SM) then you are missing out on influencing what others think about you, your company, your brands and your products or services.

You need an effective website so people can learn about you. There you can put forward what you want them to know. It acts as your online brochure. However a website is just one of many digital signposts to your business.anonymous

If you are not staking your claim on the appropriate “real estate” on the major SM platforms then someone else will grab / hijack those locations and what they say about you is out of your control.

Do you have control of the LinkedIn, FaceBook, Wikipedia, HubPages pages et. al. for your Business name?

Or does someone else – maybe even your competitors….

Increasingly people use Social Media to invisibly “check you out” before doing business with you? You need to actively ensuring that bad reviews are dealt with and that positive information is promoted.

Where discussions about you and your products/services are occurring in the Social Media you need to participate. Are you aware of what is being said about you?

trustPeople buy from those they trust and on recommendations – in the new economy they use Social Media to obtain information about you to form their buying opinions.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you please call 01628 200400.

We can provide you with an initial survey and analysis of your online presence as a Brand Reputation Report and advise corrective strategies.

We can also maintain your Social Media presence for you. We can teach you what to do or you can outsource the task to us.