Monitoring Social Media

Social Media Monitoring and Management.

Generating Leads

The Web is a valuable tool for lead generation and a superb way to gain knowledge about your clients and prospects needs and wants and opinion of you, your business and products/services. We can show you how to find where your most profitable prospects are, what they are saying, and who is the most influential. We can identify and organise your engagement strategies and put then into action cost effectively.

Social media is one of the top emerging channels for lead generation and client/customer/prospect engagement. You need to be using it to your advantage.Online-Presence-Management

Closing New Business

How can you improve the way you gather intelligence about your prospects, and demonstrate your knowledge and abilities to them towin new business?

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video has so much more benefit and a bi or multi-directional exchange of information even more.

Use combinations of our industry leading  visual-mapping tools, social media platforms and video we can help tell and spread your story and create a compelling call to action.

Monitoring your corporate/brand identity

Your company brand and corporate identity is your most valuable asset. We help you to understand where your brand lives online and how it is perceived by others.

You need to be prepared to enter online conversations. The feedback you gain is valuable and the boost to your brand value will be significant. If you are uncertain how best to establish these processes then we can advise.

Monitoring your brand identity is not only an important investment, it’s a critical one.

Increasing your brand equity, customer loyalty

The economic downturn has led to decreased customer loyalty. This makes monitoring all the more critical to your business.

Information is power and knowing what your customers are saying about your brand online gives your business an opportunity to engage with customers and increase customer loyalty.

Managing crises/customer service

Brand monitoring can unearth potential PR problems. As we saw with the Domino’s Pizza debacle, or the Nestle Facebook scuffle with green activists, a PR problem can materialize at any moment with little warning.

Monitoring the web allows your company to take a proactive approach to crisis management and to develop a crises communications program and have it ready before you need it.

Engaging current and prospective customers

Are you tracking what your customers, the media, and the market are saying about you? Millions of conversations occur online every day that are relevant to you brand, your people, your products and your competitors.

Measuring campaigns, product launches, and sentiment

Understanding customer behavior is key to creating marketing campaigns that will generate high response and revenue.

Monitoring your campaign and product launches allows you to tweak the campaign as you gather response.

Analysing your competition

Smart businesses don’t ignore the competition, they study it, and do better.

We help you stay in tune with what your competitors are doing, and thus help you to adapt your positioning rapidly.

 What does this involve?

Do you index the following digital content every day:

·       Relevant Posts from the top 12 million English-language blogs

·       Relevant Posts from the top 2 million English-language message boards/forums

·       Traditional and new media news sources

·       Microblogs such as Twitter and Tumblr

·       Any public-facing social networking community pages including Facebook, MySpace, etc.

·       RSS feeds and online aggregators

·       Comments from around 1 million blog and news sources

·       Video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

·       Shopping sites and customer/product reviews

·       Photo sites such as Flickr, Picasa, etc.

·       Corporate and company websites

·       Reference and directory websites

·       Whitepapers and case studies

This sounds a lot of work. Then add the dispersion of your information and the whole task can seem overwhelming.

We can show you how to do it with minimal resources.

We can do it for you .

We can train your staff. We can share with you the tools that make this process effecient.

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Remember; if yo are not involved actively in Social media then your competitors will be and they will gain the competitive advantage.

We can provide an initial Analysis Report for you of your Social Media position and that of your major competitors.

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